Video at a time of corona

Video content, its uses and production values, has been increasing in popularity as a communications tool across multiple industries. However, ordinarily, even the simplest set up for filming an interview would entail the presence of six people in a fairly small, enclosed space.

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It is no surprise then, that one of the key challenges for our industry during this pandemic has been the continued production of engaging content while maintaining production values.

At Brandcast Health, we are happy to say that we accepted that challenge. We’re happier still to say that we have now carried out several filming projects that have resulted in captivating videos with outstanding production values – all while maintaining COVID-19 safe working practices.

Here’s a glimpse of our approach:


Flexibility and adaptability are key

We will help you find the format that will best help you fulfill your objective. Socially-distanced filming, live streaming, self-shot videos and more – it’s all possible with the right planning and preparation processes.

Logistic know-how

Selecting an appropriate studio space, equipment wizzardry, arranging a separate entrance for your guest talent and maintaining the highest hygiene standards are just some of the steps we take to ensure everyone stays safe while you get the outstanding product you have grown to expect.

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