Absence makes the heart grow Fonder…

As the coronavirus lockdown is (hopefully) approaching its end, we felt it was time to reflect on the last few months and share the experience we have had as a company.

At the beginning of March we, like most other businesses, were keeping a close eye on the evolving situation and so, on the fateful date of 13th March, we closed our office and shifted to working remotely.



DAY 1 was still filled with excitement and a sense of something momentous happening.

DAY 3 we were running like a well-oiled machine.

DAY 5 we were supporting our clients in turning the crisis of cancelled face-to-face events into a golden opportunity to reach more customers and gain deeper understanding of their audience.

Fast-forward to Day 91, we have exceeded expectations – our own, and our clients’ – repeatedly. We have also enjoyed spending time with our loved ones, when we would have normally been packed up on trains, tubes and busses.

paper airplane

But we have also found that we miss each other. We miss the serendipitous bouncing of ideas. We miss the moments of spontaneous laughter, the Friday Creativity Challenge and the subtle magic of our shared humanity.

Some of us, having spent years wishing we could work from home a bit more, now crave the opposite. We dream of getting back into the office (although maybe not every day), of seeing everyone, and of the hugs and random chats that will inevitably happen.

We are very much a digital-first agency and this period of time has taught us two things:

  1. The future is, indeed, digital and immense value can be derived from harnessing the right technology in the right way.
  2. But real face-to-face human contact still has, and always will have, an invaluable role to play in our interactions.

We know we will get there and see each other eventually, we know we are still delivering amazing work for our clients and we know we are here for each other in the meantime.

But we also know that we can’t wait!

Yana x

Yana Stewart, Medical Writer

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